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What Is CSA?

CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture connects the local community with a local farm. It’s a system of pre-selling regular purchases of farm products with a predetermined value. The products you receive in your CSA are then determined by seasonal availability.

We offer a variety of CSA packages, allowing you to choose which L&A Family Farms products you’d like to receive. Details on our CSA packages and how they work are listed below:



This CSA has a 15-week season, starting early June and ending in September.

- Members receive a variety of vegetables as they become available, with the largest volume usually available mid-season.

- Members receive a weekly newsletter with farm happenings, storage and preparation tips, recipes, and “Food for Thought” – a short challenge from God’s word.

-  Perks include additional orders being filled first and first chance at buying vegetables wholesale for canning or freezing.

Hoping to fit the needs of your family, we offer three different vegetable packages:

Full Share:

- Recommended for families of four or big veggie eaters

- 6 to 15 pounds of produce per week

- Cost: $410

Half Share:

- Recommended for families of one or two

- 3 to 8 pounds of produce per week

- Cost: $260  

Customized Half Share:

- This package allows you to choose which types of produce you want!

- Cost: $280  

For an example of some of our 2016 weeks, click here.

- All members may not receive the same veggies; we’d rather give customers an adequate amount of what’s growing each week rather than a small amount of everything.

- There are factors outside our control, like pests and weather, that may impact the season, but we have taken steps to minimize the risk for our customers.  



- Coincides with the June-September vegetable CSA

- Members receive 1 or 2 whole cut-up chickens (approx. 4 lbs.) per month

- You can take them all at once or have them spread across the period.

- Cost: $13.75 per chicken *cheaper than we offer elsewhere!*



- Coincides with the June-September vegetable CSA

- Members receive either 1 or 2 dozen of pasture-raised eggs weekly or bi-weekly.

- Cost: $4 per dozen (any quantity)



- Coincides with the June-September vegetable CSA

- Members receive 1 package of ground beef per week or bi-weekly

- Cost: $180 for one package per week (15 total)  |  $96 for one package bi-weekly (8 total)

- Members can also receive 1 package of ground beef patties bi-weekly.

- Cost: $100 for one package bi-weekly (8 total)  



We are exploring possibilities of getting our CSA products to our customers, depending on what the majority want. We prefer customers come to the farm for their weekly share(s), but we understand busy schedules may prevent this, so we offer deliveries at an additional charge. Final decisions on pick-up and delivery days will be made closer to the start of each season once we know how many customers we have and where they are located. We’re always looking for individuals or businesses to host a drop site where we can deliver products to multiple members at a centralized location!


- Our on-farm pick-up location is our store

- Products will be already packaged and ready to go!


- Products will be brought to your home, business, jobsite, or a centralized location.

- Cost: $75 fee if you live in a 25-mile radius (if you’re outside the radius, fees are determined per case)

- Chicken, egg, and ground beef CSA shares can be delivered to a farmers’ market location at no additional charge.



Vegetable CSA members will receive two baskets for their produce. Depending on how you get your CSA, either bring your empty basket to the farm or leave it for us to pick up while making deliveries. This allows us to rotate the baskets throughout the season. If you have a chicken, egg, or ground beef CSA delivered, please leave a small cooler so we can put your items in it.



If you’re ready to sign-up for one or more of our CSA packages and receive fresh, quality farm products for 15 weeks, you can click “Member Sign-Up” under the CSA tab above or click below.


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