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Turkeys arrive on our farm as day-old poults through the mail. Like chickens, they are placed in a brooder house with heat lamps.

Turkeys aren't known to be the smartest birds on the block...

They are notorious for eating bedding instead of their food, so they are raised on indoor/outdoor carpet for the first few days. We also drop marbles in their food and water containers because shiny objects attract them to their food source faster. 

After about a six-week stay in the brooder house, they are moved to pasture, where they have a portable structure for shade and shelter and an electrified poultry netting to protect them from predators. This enclosure also allows us to rotate the turkeys to fresh grass and bugs. They really enjoy chasing down grasshoppers!  

By raising the birds in a healthier environment, there is no need to use antibiotics or medicines in their feed. We grind our own feed using our own non-GMO corn mixed with bean meal and other essential vitamin and mineral supplements.

At thirteen to fourteen weeks of age, the turkeys are processed at Central Illinois Poultry Processing in Arthur, IL, a USDA-inspected facility. 

You will receive pre-wrapped frozen whole turkeys unless other arrangements are made. The turkeys range in size from 12-25 lbs. dressed weight. All turkeys will be frozen and available to be picked up at the farm or delivered one to two weeks prior to Thanksgiving. 

We suggest you pre-order to guarantee a bird for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  A $25 deposit is due at signing and is not refundable.


Our turkeys can be purchased on farm or can be delivered by clicking here.


 2016  Sale $ per lb.
Turkey  $2.50/lb  $3.40



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