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Nature Trails

Are you looking for something to do with your family?  Do you want to provide something educational while still entertaining for your children? Are you looking for a quiet peaceful place to visit, away from the hustle and bustle of city life?  We at L&A Family Farms want to send an open invitation to all to visit our working farm.  We are opening our farm to you by allowing you to walk our self-guided nature trails and ag paths.  (No motorized vehicles allowed on trails.)  


Our nature trails wander through our woods and native grasses.  Various birds, bugs, butterflies, and flowers can be observed along the trail. Our trails are somewhat rugged, as they go up and down our hills and hollers.

Our ag trails take you around the ag production of the farm. Depending on the season, you may see our laying hens, broiler meat chickens, turkeys, pigs, gardens, various crop fields, etc.  If our equipment is out of the shed, feel free to look at it, but please stay out of our farm buildings and do not get on or climb on our equipment.

Please visit our farm during our normal business hours or call ahead to schedule a specific time for your visit. As much as we would like to be able to visit with each guest, this is not practical since we are very busy working on this much diversified operation.  With this said, we encourage you to ask us specific questions on how various things work. We want to put a face on your food, and we want you to know how it was raised.  Asking questions is a great way to learn!

While visiting, please park in the designated areas at our farm store and pick up a farm map so you can see where the animals and gardens are located.

Remember, this is an actual farm and our trails and paths are not paved or weather proof, so expect uneven ground and on occasion, mud.  Please wear appropriate clothes and shoes for a more enjoyable time in the country.














While visiting the animal areas please, please, please,approach these areas slowly and quietly. Loud noises and sudden movements can spook the animals, especially the chickens, which might cause them to get out of their pens and increase our work load. Do NOT touch our fences! All of our fences are electrified, which helps keep the animals in and the predators out. During the day some of our fences may be turned off, but you will not know this, so assume all fences are hot. Please warn your children to not touch the fences!   

Do not get into the pens with the animals! These are actual wild farm animals, not animals in a petting zoo, so they can be dangerous.  

Please stay on the trails and paths! Compaction is a problem with repeat traffic over a given time; this will make it uninhabitable for plant life and result in unhealthy soil. While strolling through the gardens, remember theses veggies are our income, so please do not walk on the plants or sample the good-looking food.  

This farm is our family business and our home, so please respect our workload, privacy, and rules so we can continue to open our farm to you. We hope your visit to our farm is a fun and memorable experience.  Our expectation is that you and your family will get to encounter new things and get to see how your food is raised, mirroring a more natural model instead of an industrial one.  When you leave, we hope you have a better understanding as to what goes on in the agriculture community.



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