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Sunflower Maze

The sunflower maze is closed for the season. 

Sunflower Maze 2017 Timeline:

May 10 - The sunflower maze has been planted! We currently expect it to bloom between the 15th and 25th of July.

May 31 - The second section of the maze has been planted! This should help extend our season later into July if the weather cooperates.

June 12 - Jacob has created this year's design on graph paper!

June 20 - We've finished laying out the design for this year! The paths have been cut, and now it's time for the plants to keep growing.

July 5 - The first planting has buds! They still have a several days to develop before opening, but it's progress.

July 9 - A few of the buds have yellow petals in the center! The first planting should be in bloom within the next 10 days, but please check for more information before making plans to visit.

July 13 - The sunflowers in the first planting are beginning to open, but heavy rains (and mud) over the past few days have prevented us from mowing the paths in the maze. We will open as soon as the maze dries out and gets mowed.

July 14 - The maze will be open for a sneak peek tomorrow, July 15! Find more details here.

July 16 - The first planting of the maze is quickly approaching full bloom! With that being said, full bloom hours for both the store and the maze will begin Monday, July 17. You can find those hours further down on this page.

July 21 - The first planting remains in full bloom, and the buds in the second planting are showing yellow petals, which means it should bloom within a week or so!

July 23 - As the older blooms begin to droop in the first planting, there are now blooms opening in the second planting!

July 26 - The second planting is now in full bloom! It should last almost a week more before starting to droop.

July 28 - We expect July 29-30 to be the last weekend for the maze to be in full bloom. If you're wanting to visit, make sure you do quickly before the blooms fade!

August 2 - The last day for full bloom hours will be Thursday, August 3. Many of the blooms are maturing, and heavy rains could worsen their condition.

August 4 - Friday, August 4 and Saturday, August 5 will be the last two days the maze is open! Click here for more information.

August 6 - The sunflower maze is officially closed for the season. Thank you to all who came out and visited the farm!

August 30 - The second maze is open! The flowers are ahead of the estimated opening date. These sunflowers are shorter than the ones in our previous maze due to little amounts of rain in August.

L&A Family Farms: Home of the Sunflower Maze

Many people are familiar with corn mazes in the fall and Pumpkin Works’ amazing mazes.  We are always looking for something new to try, and in 2015 we planted a couple acres of sunflowers for bird seed. When the sunflowers were blooming, it was a beautiful site and the idea of a sunflower maze was born.

If you are unfamiliar with outdoor ag mazes, you enter the maze at the starting point and wander your way through the paths looking for the exit. Don’t be surprised to find a few dead ends along the way.

The sunflower maze is dependent on Mother Nature, so be prepared.  The paths could be muddy or dusty.  The summer sun may make it hot and muggy.  We suggest you bring bottled water and wear sun protection. Please be aware of the weather conditions while you are on the farm.  If the weather becomes severe, we will close the maze.

Since this is a farm field, we recommend you wear closed toe shoes. If you are allergic to bee stings, exercise caution in the field because it will be full of pollinators while the sunflowers are in bloom.


Sunflowers are only in full bloom for a short period of time. (It was only two weeks last year.) If you want to witness this spectacle, be prepared to act quickly. This is not the time to procrastinate.

Stay up to date on the latest developments by checking our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).



- The admission fee to the maze is $3.00 per person.  Kids 5 and under are free.

- Parking is available at our farm store where you will be able to purchase your tickets.

- You choose whether to ride our wagon to the maze or walk one of our ag trails to the maze. The ag trail will take you through our gardens and beside our laying hens.

-  During the late maze you can ride the wagon when available, or you can walk the nature trail to the maze.

- We will have a canopy set up at the maze site where you can sit and wait for a return trip to the store. Our wagon will be delivering and picking up people from the maze in a continuous loop.

- Professional photographers: There will be a $25.00 fee per photo session.  This charge will be in place of the regular maze entrance fee for you and your customers. You will be able to park closer to the maze (for equipment) and have access to parts of the maze that are not open to the general public. These areas are designed with photography in mind. This fee also allows you entrance into the maze if you prefer.

- During the late maze we will not charge the professional photographer $25.00 fee. There are no designated photo areas, and parking is not allowed at the maze.

- Maze entry will end 30 minutes prior to closing.

- **L&A Family Farms operates on Central time, which is one hour behind most Indiana counties.**

- For the safety of our visitors and livestock, we do not allow pets in the maze unless they are service animals.

We hope your visit to our farm is a fun and memorable experience!

*Remember: The maze will close during inclement weather. Check social media for updates.


To see a recap of last year's maze, click here.

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