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Sunflower Maze

All sunflower mazes are done blooming for 2019.


− May 16:  The first section of the sunflower maze has been planted! If the weather cooperates, this section **should** bloom by the middle of July.

May 22:  The second section of the sunflower maze has been planted! It should bloom as the blooms on the first section start to wilt.

− May 31:  The third section of the sunflower maze has been planted!

− June 5:  The fourth section of the sunflower maze has been planted! This will be the last section for the summer season.

− June 11:  All sections of the maze are growing! Unfortunately, cutworms invaded the first section and munched on part of it. There will still be blooms in that section, though ... unless more pests decide to stop in.

− June 14:  We're getting the design ready that'll span the first two sections of the maze! If we can catch a break in the rain, we'll be able to cut out the paths in the maze soon.

− June 25:  The maze crew is nearly through with cutting the design in the first and section sections. The first planting is about knee-high, so hopefully the sunshine in the forecast will get them to grow!

− July 3:  We've got buds in the first planting! As of now, it appears the maze is still on schedule. This section may be shorter this year because of all the rain, but at least they'll still bloom!

− July 10:  There are yellow centers in the buds of the first section and buds on the plants in the second section. It won't be long until we open!

− July 15:  There are blooms in the first section of the sunflower maze!!

− July 18:  The blooms in the second section of the sunflower maze are beginning to open!

− July 22:  The first section is beginning to wilt, the second is nearing peak, and the third has yellow centers in its buds. Don't delay to visit the maze! The heat wave made the sunflowers mature more quickly.

− July 24:  The second section is in full bloom!

− July 28:  The second section is wilting, but now the third section is in full bloom. Our fourth and final section of the summer has buds, so it'll start blooming soon!

− August 2:  As the third section of the maze wilts, the fourth section is beginning to bloom!

− August 5:  The fourth and final section of the summer is in full bloom! Time is running out!

− August 9:  The final section of the maze is beginning to wilt! The last day the maze will be open for the summer season will be Sunday, August 11th.

− August 12:  The summer sunflower mazes are done blooming for the season. Stay tuned for information on a potential fall maze!


− September 8: We're starting to see some blooms in the fall/late maze!

− September 14: The first section of the  fall sunflower maze is in full bloom! There are only two sections and we're only open weekends, so don't delay when planning a visit!

− September 22: The first section of the fall sunflower maze is done blooming. We anticipate the second and final section to be in bloom next weekend (9/28-29).

− September 28: The second and final section of the fall sunflower maze is in full bloom, and with hot weather in the forecast, this is likely the last weekend of the year to see the best blooms!

− October 2: The final section of the fall sunflower maze is done blooming, so our sunflower maze season for 2019 is finished.


              Be sure to check back for the latest updates!


L&A Family Farms: Home of the Sunflower Maze

Many people are familiar with corn mazes in the fall, but a summer sunflower maze is a new twist. In 2015, we planted a couple acres of sunflowers for bird seed. When the sunflowers were blooming, it was a beautiful site, and the idea of a sunflower maze was born.

If you are unfamiliar with outdoor ag mazes, you enter the maze at the starting point and wander your way through the paths looking for the exit. Don’t be surprised to find a few dead ends along the way.

The sunflower maze is dependent on Mother Nature, so be prepared. The paths could be muddy or dusty. The summer sun may make it hot and muggy. We suggest you bring bottled water and wear sun protection. Please be aware of the weather conditions while you are on the farm. If the weather becomes severe, we will close the maze until the threat passes.

Since this is a farm field, we recommend you wear closed toe shoes. If you are allergic to bee stings, exercise caution in the field because it will be full of pollinators while the sunflowers are in bloom.

Sunflowers are only in full bloom for a short period of time. They usually only last a week or two, depending on the weather. If you want to witness this spectacle, be prepared to act quickly! This is not the time to procrastinate.

Stay up to date on the latest developments by checking our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Daily Briefing has what you need to know about the maze before you drive out to the farm. It is updated every day, and includes a daily photo of the maze, the weather forecast, special events, and other happenings. You'll want to save it in your bookmarks to stay in the know about the sunflower maze!

You can find our own pasture-raised meats, eggs and produce at the farm store, so don't forget to bring a cooler along if you want to stock up on farm fresh goodies!


Don't forget to sign a waiver!

Our insurance company is requiring all visitors who come to the farm read our safety rules and sign a liability waiver. The form can be found and filled out online by clicking below, and we highly recommend filling it out before you get to the farm to avoid standing in line at admission.

If you have already signed the waiver earlier this year, you do not need to sign it again. We will look up your name at the admission table.




- We accept credit/debit as well as cash for admission and all purchases on the farm.

- Parking is available at our farm store where you'll be able to pay for admission.

- A tractor and wagon shuttle will take you to the maze, or you can get to it by walking one of our trails that begins at the store and passes through our gardens.

- For the safety of our visitors and livestock, we do not allow pets in the maze unless they are service animals.

- Sunflower maze entry ends 30 minutes prior to closing.

** L&A Family Farms operates on Central time, which is one hour behind most Indiana counties.**




We're offering an even wider variety of food thanks to the addition of a concession trailer!

Click here for the complete menu, featuring our own burgers, fair-time favorites like funnel cakes and shake-ups, homemade ice cream, and more!



We welcome visitors to take as many photos in the maze as they would like, free of charge.

However, if you are a professional photographer looking to take clients into the maze, please click the button below for more details and to request a time to take photos. The photography fee is $50/hour.




We hope your visit to our farm is a fun and memorable experience!


See what some of our past visitors have said!


"This place is worth it, worth it, WORTH IT!! They have a couple of mazes, depending on what is blooming at the time. You can take a tractor hayride to the maze and back, or walk the trail. Every person we encountered was so nice. We drove over 4 hours and I would love to do it again next year. End of July seemed to be almost perfect- 3 out of the 4 fields were in bloom."

- Sara Luckritz via Google


"Very friendly and helpful staff, well kept land, beautiful sunflowers! Can't wait for the corn maze this fall!!"

- Jennifer Miles via Facebook, July 29, 2019


"We loved it here! The fields were so pretty! People were very friendly. I can't wait to visit again next year."

- Ashley Norris via Facebook, July 26, 2019


"Spent the day enjoying the farm. Fields of sunflowers were so beautiful. Could not stop taking pictures. The folks working there were so incredibly nice and friendly. Definitely going to return."

James Barbe via Facebook, Aug. 14, 2018


"Very family friendly, and the workers are very welcoming."

- Madison Omer via Facebook, Aug. 6, 2018


"I could have spent hours there taking pictures. My daughter had gone the day before with friends and came home and said she wanted to go back, so we did the next day. Gorgeous and they were fixing brats and hamburgers which were amazing. Homemade ice cream and flavored bottle drinks. Super friendly owners. This will definitely be a yearly event for us. Thank you L&A family for opening your farm and hearts to the public."

- Virginia Pinkston via Facebook, July 29, 2018


"Very clean and friendly!! Highly recommend for anyone wanting something fun and easy to do for the day."

- Brianne Powers via Facebook, July 26, 2018


"A must see if you love sunflowers. Nice little drive and not hard to find. The owners are very welcoming and friendly."

- James Clark via Facebook, July 22, 2017

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