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Stonewall Kitchen, based in York, Maine, are creators of Specialty Foods; jams, grill sauces, simmering sauces, mustards, dessert sauces, etc. to name a few. They began back in 1991 selling a few dozen homemade, hand labeled item at the local farmers' markets.

With a lot of hard work and focus on quality, they continue to learn, grow and create what has become one of the most awarded specialty food companies in the industry! 

We are selling Stonewall Kitchen products at our on farm store.  We have received many great reviews from our customers about the quality and taste of these products.

Caramel Apple Butter
Sold Out
Bacon Ranch Dressing ($4.95)
Roasted Garlic Vingrette ($4.95)
Strawberry Balsamic ($4.95)
Maple Bacon Balsamic ($4.95)
Jams & Jellies
Wild Maine Blueberry ($5.95)
Strawberry Peach ($5.95)
Cerry Berry ($5.95)
Apple Cider ($5.95)
Raspberry Peach Champagne ($5.95)
  Seedless Blackberry (Sold Out)
  Black Raspberry (Sold Out)
Meal Starters
Pulled Pork Simmering Sauce ($6.75)
Buffalo Wing Sauce ($6.75)
Sloppy Joe Sauce ($6.75)
Chili Stater ($6.75)
  Yankee Pot Roast Starter (Sold Out)
  Mango Lime (Sold Out)
Black Bean ($5.25)
Spicy Tomato ($5.25)
Mild Tomato ($5.25)
  Spicy Corn Relish (Sold Out)
Spice Rubs
Texas Rub ($5.95)
  Chicken & Pork (Sold Out)
Steak Sauces
Vidalic Onion Fig Sauce ($4.95)
Jamaican Jerk ($4.95)
  Boozy Bacon Barbecue Sauce (Sold Out)
  Honey Barbecue Sauce (Sold Out)
Garlic Teriyaki ($4.95)
Mesquite Steak Sauce ($4.95)
Roadhouse Steak Sauce ($4.95)
Sugar Free Spreads
Wild Maine Blueberry ($5.45)
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