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L&A Family Farms raises only Berkshire hogs. Our pigs are bred for meat quality, not show quality as other breeders do. Berkshire hogs have the reputation of having exceptional eating qualities which means you can expect wonderfully flavorful pork.  

According to the American Berkshire Association, meat quality remains the foundation of the Berkshire breed.  Compared with commodity pork, Berkshire pigs yield cuts that are well marbled and consistently sweet, tender, juicy and highly palatable.  



The package prices you see here are a portrait of the estimated total.  The Illinois sales tax and $0.25 per pound delivery fee is not included in the estimate.  We charge by the pound not package, unless otherwise stated!  We use the highest poundage for the weight estimates to help with sticker shock at pickup or delivery.


Pork Value Package

This package includes two packages of the following:  Pork patties, Fresh ground pork, maple links, hot links, sweet links, parmesan garlic brats, sausage and sausage patties.  Retail value is approximately $90. This item is sold by the package.

Sold Out
Pork Ribs

$3.00 per lb.

Approximately 2.5-4 lbs.

Butt Roast

$3.75 per lb.

Approximately 2.5-5.5 lbs.

Sold Out
Butterfly Chops/Tenderloin

$7.50 per lb.

Approximately 1.5-2.5 lbs.

4 per package

Cut ¾ inch thick

Fresh Ground

$4.50 per lb.

Approximately 1 lb.

Sausage without seasoning

Fresh Ground Patties

$5.00 per lb

Approximately 2 lb packages

8 patties per package

Fresh Ground Sausage

$5.00 per lb.

Approximately 1 lb. packages

Flavored with salt, sage, dextrose, black & red pepper, and nutmeg

Fresh Pork Sausage Patties

$5.25 per lb.

Approximately 1lb

8 patties per package


Fresh Side (Bacon)

$7.50 per lb.

Approximately 1-1.75lbs packages

Cut to a medium thickness

Italian Sausage Links

$4.95 per lb.

Approximately 1-1.2 lbs.

Hot ($6.00)
Sweet ($6.00)
Maple Sausage Links

$4.95 per lb.

Approximately .5-.75 lbs.


Parmesan-Garlic Bratwursts

$4.95 per lb.

Approximately 1.25-1.75 lb. packages


Pork Chops

$7.00 per lb.

Approximately 2.5-4 lbs.

4 per package

Cut ¾-1 inch thick

Pork Cutlet/Ham Cube

 $8.00 per lb.

Approximately 1.5-2.5 lbs.

4 per package

Cut ½ - ¾ inch thick

Pork Liver

$2.50 per lb.

Approximately .5-1.5 lbs.


Pork Neck Bone

$2.50 per lb.

Approximately 2-3lbs.


Pork Steak

$4.50 per lb.

Approximately 1.25-2.25 lbs.

4 per package

Cut ½-¾ inch thick

Sold Out
Ribs - BB

$3.00 per lb

Approximately 1.5-2.75lbs

Smoked Bacon

$8.00 per lb

Approximately 1-1.5 lb. packages

Cut to a medium thickness

Flavored with salt, cane sugar, brown sugar, maple sugar, sodium nitrate, and sodium erythorbate.

Smoked Ham

$5.50 per lb.

Approximately 5-7 lbs.

Sold Out
Smoked Ham Steak

$6.50 per lb.

Approximately 1-2 lb. packages

Smoked Hock

$3.25 per lb

Approximately 1.25-2.25 lbs.

1 per package

Smoked Jowl

$7.50 per lb.

Approximately .75-1.75 lb. packages

Cut to a medium thickness

Tenderloin Roast

Approximately 2.25-3 lb. packages


$11.00 per lb.

Approximately 1.5 lbs.

Long tender cut approximately 15-20 inches in length

1 per package

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