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Room Rental

L&A Family Farms would like to share with our customers our beautiful facilities and our farm.  We are now offering our Barn Loft Room for rental.  This room would be great for birthday parties, anniversaries, family reunions, group outings, wedding rehearsal dinners, or conferencing.  The loft will accommodate approximately 50 people.  A projector and screen are available if needed.  This room is located upstairs, but if climbing stairs is a problem we do have a chair lift.  The loft has a bathroom and also has an outside deck which overlooks the farm.  The room is decorated with wood siding and has multiple windows overlooking the farm and woods.  The Barn Loft meeting room is set up with tables and chairs, and if you would like to provide a meal during your event we have teamed up with a caterer.  The caterer will prepare L&A Family Farms meats and vegetables (in season) for the meal.  While here visit our farm store and take time to have a stroll around our working farm.  You can visit our animals, look at our gardens, or walk our nature trails.  Or sign up for a guided farm tour on our tractor-driven hayride (additional fee).  Our wagon has fold-up stairs with double hand rails.  If you can climb stairs, you will have no problem getting on or off the wagon.  Tours will be led by either Brian or Kevin and are weather dependent.   We will strive to meet your needs and make your visit to our farm memorable.    




CSA or Neighborhood Delivery Service Member

< 5 hours: $25 per hour

All day: (8 a.m.-9 p.m.) $150  

Non members

< 5 hours: $35 per hour

All day: (8 a.m.-9 p.m.) $200  



The following terms and conditions apply to our room rental:

1. Rental of the L&A Barn Loft meeting room will be on a first come, first served basis. L&A Family Farms events take priority.  

2. Meetings may not be scheduled more than 6 months in advance.

3. All individuals and/or businesses must complete a Room Rental Agreement Form at the time the room is reserved.

4. A deposit of $25.00 is required at the time of reservation. The remainder of payment is due on the day of the rental.  All room rental payments are nonrefundable and may be changed periodically.

5. Renters are responsible for the setup and teardown of your event.  Set up time must be arranged with L&A Family Farms at least one week before the date of the event.  The Barn Loft meeting room is set up with tables and chairs. Should renters require a different setup, the renting party will be responsible for the additional items as needed.  The renter will be responsible for the removal of the additional items and the return of the room to its normal condition.

6. Renters agree that decorations shall not be attached to the walls, ceilings, woodwork, windows or fixtures by the use of nails, scotch tape, staples, etc. ., unless pre-approved by an L&A representative.

7. The renter is responsible for the cleanup immediately after the scheduled event. The room must be left in proper order, with all paper, trash, cups, etc. disposed of in trash receptacles. All cups will be dumped in the sink before being placed in the trash receptacles.  L&A will dispose of the trash.

8. Renters are responsible for 100% of any damage to the facilities and/or contents and fixtures. All damage must be reported to the staff immediately. Room Renters will be expected to cover all repairs and replacement cost of any damage to the facility itself and or the contents of such.

9. Any damage or excessive clean-up will be billed to the credit card on file.

10. Food is allowed in the room. Renters may bring soft drinks and other light foods, cakes, etc. No beverages with red dye are allowed.  If the renter would like to provide a meal, L&A has an approved caterer who will prepare L&A Family Farms meats and vegetables (in season) for the meal.

11. Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not permitted in the building.

12. For after hour meetings, additional charges may apply.  A staff person will insure that the lights are turned off and the building is secure.

It is understood that L&A Family Farms is in no way responsible for any personal injuries, property damages, lost or stolen articles or merchandise left on the premises prior to, during, or following an event, or any other liabilities that may be incurred during use of their facilities.  L&A reserves the right to inspect and control all private events on premises. Renter agrees to release indemnity and hold L&A Family Farms or Lau & Augustus Enterprises, LLC. harmless of any such damages.

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