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  We raise over 50 different varieties of vegetables.  Our vegetables are grown using sustainable agriculture methods.  By using crop rotation and cover crops, we reduce weed growth, control pests, and improve soil fertility.  This allows us to use commercial pesticides and fertilizers sparingly. In our large field of sweet corn, herbicides are used.  In the garden we hand pull weeds and use hoes, tillers, and mulches to control them. For most of our vegetables, seeds are planted directly into the ground, using a walk-behind planter or planted by hand.  The sweet corn is planted with our corn planter.  Tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, etc., are placed into the garden as transplants.  Seeds are started indoors and then moved to the green house to harden off before being planted. All of our vegetables are harvested by hand, and most are picked the day of delivery.  If not, the vegetables are stored in our walk-in cooler to ensure freshness and quality.





 Try some of our gourmet popping corn.  We have taken four different varieties and blended them together to form a unique, colorful product.  By combining these varieties we blend several tastes into one exceptional eating experience.  (One variety has a nutty flavor while another has a subtle sweet and savory flavor).  These mixes of kernels pop into various size flakes—some large, others smaller, crisp and tender.


  Popcorn is a wholesome food which aids in digestion.  Health and medical groups regard popcorn as an excellent mealtime complement, sugar-free, fat-free and low in calories.  Popcorn is a very economical grain and an economical way to add fiber to your diet.  It is a good source of carbohydrate energy and fiber.*

 Popcorn has

  • More protein than any other cereal grain;
  • More iron than eggs, peanuts, spinach or roast beef;
  • More phosphorous and fiber than potato chips, pretzels or ice cream cones
  • 1 gram of fiber per cup—similar to ½ cup of bran flakes.*

*  Source:  National Popcorn Institute




We currently raise 5 acres of sweet corn.  We plant 4-6 different bi-colored varieties on 6 different planting dates starting in early April and ending in June.  Hopefully, by planting this many varieties our sweet corn season will last longer.  You will want to try our sweet corn throughout the season.  Some of the varieties are sweeter than others.  We always plant our past favorites and try some new varieties also.  Often the mid to late varieties are sweeter than some of the earlier ones.  Our sweet corn is fresh--usually picked the same day sold or picked the evening before and placed into our walk-in cooler. This rapid cool down protects the sugar levels that are important to the corn's flavor and quality.  At higher temperatures the sugar is quickly converted to starch.


 The sweet corn can be purchased at our farm store and at our Farmer's Market locations.

Our produce can be purchased on farm or can be delivered by clicking here.

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