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Currently our pigs our purchased and brought to our farm as feeder pigs. We get them from a farmer that raises registered Berkshire hogs. His pork is bred for meat quality, not show quality as other breeders do. Berkshire hogs have the reputation of having exceptional eating qualities which means you can expect wonderfully flavored pork .  

According to the American Berkshire Association, meat quality remains the foundation of the Berkshire breed.  Compared with commodity pork, Berkshire pigs yield cuts that are well marbled and consistently sweet, tender, juicy and highly palatable.  

We grind our own feed using our own non-GMO corn mixed with bean meal and other essential vitamin and mineral supplements. Our feed is not medicated. Our hogs are raised on pasture and they have access to a shelter that protects them from the sun and other weather events.  Our hogs are fed unsold vegetables and broken eggs when available. 

Pork raised outdoors enhances eating qualities due to the improved muscle tone and the more varied diet they receive.  Raising hogs outdoors and allowing them to exhibit natural behaviors allows pigs to be pigs.  In our opinion, this is the only way to raise hogs and is why we are raising our hogs outside on dirt and pasture.

Our pork can be purchased on farm or can be delivered by clicking here.


    $ per lb.       $ per lb.
Smoked Ham  $5.50   Tenderloin Roast  $10.75
Smoked Bacon  $8.00   Butt Roast  $3.75
Smoked Hock  $3.25   Fresh Ground  $4.50
Pork Steak  $4.50   Fresh Side (Bacon)
Pork Chops  $7.00   Fresh Ground Patties  $5.00
Ribs    $3.00   Fresh Ground Sausage  $5.00
Tenders    $11.00   Maple Sausage Links  $4.95
Tenderloin   (Butterfly Chops)  $7.50   Parmesan-Garlic Bratwursts
Ham Cube (Pork Cutlet)


  Italian Sausage Links    $4.95



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