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"Marry Me?" - The Story Behind The Sunflower Maze Theme

Posted 2/13/2019 5:00pm by L&A Family Farms.

     February 9th marked another big day for the L&A families as Brian and Andrea Lau’s (the L in "L&A") daughter, Valerie, married her boyfriend, Devyn, of nearly five years.          

     As many of you already know, Devyn’s proposal was highly publicized as he asked us to have the big question carved out in the first couple sections of sunflower mazes in 2018, drawing attention from local and even international media.

Click here to see UNILAD’s article.

     For those interested, here’s the inside story of how the proposal took shape in the sunflower fields…

     It all started almost a year ago when Devyn approached Brian about using the maze for his proposal. Supporting the idea, the secret stayed between the two of them until Valerie’s brother, Everett, was included into the secret in April to help the plans continue.

     The design idea maintained a very low profile between the three of them until June when a design had to be drawn so it could be cut into the maze before the plants grew too tall. Once Andrea drew the design on graph paper, the rest of the L&A crew learned of the proposal plans.


     As you’ll notice, the design on paper doesn’t match what would end up being the final product. Lauren, Everett, and Timothy started laying out the design and mowing the preliminary paths in the middle of June, but Mother Nature threw a wrench in the plans.

     There was a dry spell through the early part of June that kept the second planting of sunflowers from sprouting and growing in the sandy soil. That, combined with the plentiful and pesky deer in the area, led to spots that had few to no sunflowers that wouldn’t allow the words “WILL YOU” stand out in the maze, so they had to be scrapped from the design.

     Already prepared for a suspicious Valerie, a simple decoy design was drawn to ward off any demands to see the graph paper sketches. She didn’t buy the decoy, but she says she also didn’t anticipate the actual design.

     When we say suspicious, we mean it. Valerie had an idea that Devyn would propose sometime during the summer and thought it would be sunflower-related. Trying to find out what was happening on the farm, Valerie:

- asked numerous relatives what the design was (they all were told the decoy design)

- trekked through the maze in an attempt to solve the design from the ground

- attempted to use Google Maps to see an aerial view of the field (the image was two years old)

It even came to the point that Devyn had to change Everett’s name in his phone so Valerie wouldn’t be suspicious of any text messages.

     The secrecy finally paid off on July 7th when Valerie and Devyn came to the farm to help with opening day of the sunflower maze. Thinking they were just going to check out the maze, Valerie left with Devyn and other relatives to explore the maze, not expecting to come back engaged.

     Everett, posing to be taking photos of the sunflowers, brought the ring to Devyn, and shortly thereafter, Devyn popped the question at the end of the maze after showing Valerie the aerial photo below … and obviously she said yes!

Click here to see video of the proposal from the maze.   


     Just over seven months later, Valerie and Devyn exchanged their vows in front of family and friends at the Paris Presbyterian Church.

Congratulations again, Valerie and Devyn! We wish you the best!

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