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Grass-Fed Beef

There are numerous differences in the way beef cattle are raised.  You have all heard the expression “you are what you eat.”  Not only does this apply to us, it can also be said for cattle because of what they are fed.

Finished beef you consume is either “grass fed,” “grain fed,” or a combination of the two.  Grain fed cattle are not only fed corn or other grains; they can also be fed other alternative feeds, like sawdust, candy ( wrapper and all), chicken poop, commercial bakery waste, potato chips and other junk food, or by products of the ethanol industry, just to name a few. 

Then you have the medicated feed additives and growth hormone implants which are given to increase weight gain.

Is this the kind of beef you want to eat for a healthy diet?  This reminds me of the saying “garbage in, garbage out.” Beef fed garbage results in garbage on your plate.

Cows are herbivores; they were designed to eat grass and other plants. L&A Family Farms cattle are pasture raised and finished on grass and other forages.

Grass finished beef is leaner (six times lower in fat and only half the saturated fat) and healthier (more  beta-carotene-rich fat, Omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid, and vitamin E, which all have benefits to human health).  

We use traditional natural methods for raising cattle and we follow the whole process from birth to the plate. Our growing cattle operation is located on ground we purchased in 1998.  It was once owned by our great-great-great-great grandparents in the 1800’s, but was out of the family for a short time in the mid to late 1900’s. 

Here are some examples of what we are doing and how we raise our cattle:  

  • Converting some of our marginal row crop farm ground into pasture and hay
  • Continually building fence, with more planned
  • Retaining our heifers to increase our breeding herd; this is a slow process, but we know how our cows are raised and where they come from.  
  • Improving our genetic base by purchasing superior grass finished bulls
  • Currently are and will continue to use rotational or mob grazing. 
  • Our cattle are rotated from paddock to paddock, which provides them with quality, clean diversified forages. This also utilizes the pasture better, since the cows will be forced to eat the grasses and forbs more evenly. With mob grazing, what is not consumed is trampled into the ground. This feeds the soil organisms, which in turn improves the soil.  
  • Using summer and winter annuals to extend the grazing season.  


Our cattle will receive no growth hormones or medicated feed.   If antibiotics are used due to illness, we will sell them commercially, not to our direct market customers.  

Our cattle are processed at Pohlman’s Meat Processing, a USDA federally inspected plant. 

We sell by the whole carcass, side, or split side priced-per-pound basis, based on the hanging weight.  For more information on our freezer meat, click here.  We also sell by the cut at the farm store, our online store, our buying club, and at the farmers' markets. 

We are still learning and continuously working on raising quality grass-finished beef.  Every year seems to have new challenges and we are striving to have a consistent product.  

Grass-fed beef have a reputation of being tough because they're so lean, or because they may not have been finished correctly.  Part of the negative impression is also due to the improper cooking techniques.  Because of its lower fat content, grass-fed beef requires lower cooking temperatures and shorter cooking times.   

Since we want to sell quality grass-fed beef, we are learning as much as we can and going slowly.  If you have any specific concerns on how we raise our beef, please ask us before purchase!   

Even though grass fed beef is more expensive, you are getting “more bang for your buck,” since it is nutritiously superior, ethical, and more environmentally friendly, than grain fed beef.  


 Our beef can be purchased on-line by clicking here.


 *GF = grass-fed

    $ per lb.       $ per lb.
GF - Rib Eye Steak  $13.50   GF - Strip Steak  $13.75
GF - T-Bone Steak  $11.95   GF - Swiss Steak  $9.00
GF - Porterhouse Steak  $11.95   GF - Rump Roast  $5.95
GF - Boneless Sirloin Steak  $8.95   GF - Arm Roast  $5.25
GF - Round Steak  $6.50   GF - Chuck Roast  $5.25
GF - Flank Steak  $9.00   GF - Ground Beef  $6.00
GF - Club Steak  $7.00   GF - Ground Beef Patties  $6.50
GF - Tenderloin (Fillet)  $16.00   GF - Ox Tail


GF - Short Ribs $3.00   GF - Liver or Heart


GF - Cube Steak $6.50   GF - Tongue


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